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About Streetubez

Locker Board’s Streetubez product is a skateboard accessory that gives riders the experience of surfing and getting tubed right in their own front yard. Our mission is to help spread the love of surfing across America! We recently received our patent and are working on a product launch in 2019. We are currently researching sustainable fabrics. Please subscribe to our website for updates!

Creating a Kid-Friendly Version of Tarp Surfing

Streetubez is the evolution of tarp surfing. We've evolved tarp surfing into an all-inclusive, kid-friendly technology that is easy to set-up, safe, fun, durable and simple to store. 

Streetubez allows players to feel as though they are surfing in the street by using the wind to simulate a giant, blue sail into a wave that skateboarders skate under so they feel as though they are surfing in the ocean and getting tubed.   

Streetubez requires a minimum of two players. One player pulls on the sail to create the wave, and the other player(s) skateboard under the wave. The sail is stored in a bag (which is provided). 


Giving Back to Ocean Unite

Locker Board will be donating $1 for every Streetubez product sold to Ocean Unite. Ocean Unite is focused on uniting and activating powerful voices for ocean conservation. All of Carson's ideas are inspired by his love for the ocean and the ocean is in danger. According to Ocean Unite, "you may not be able to see it from above the surface, but the threats are many and the risks are real: plastics are choking our sea life; pollution is causing ‘dead zones’; our corals are dying; climate change is heating our Ocean, making it more acidic; and too many boats are chasing fewer and fewer fish." Learn more and join the movement:

Coming Soon!

Streetubez recently received its patent and we are planning a product launch in 2019.


Your Streetubez product will come with:

- One triangular sail (base is 27.5 feet long and sides are 18.5 feet long)

- One storage bag

- Two sand bags (sand is not included, you must purchase play sand separately to fill the sand bags)

- Two carabiners

- One handle


- Streetubez is compact and folds down into a small bag for easy storage

- Streetubez fits easily on small streets and provides room for cars to maneuver around it

- Streetubez sail is durable and made from nylon rip stop material (like what is used in parachutes)

- Streetubez uses kid-friendly technology that is easy to set-up and store