Being on Shark Tank has been an awesome experience and I am so grateful to the Shark Tank family for all they have done. Every business should go through this process. 

Meeting Sir Richard Branson and having him invest in my company has been an unforgettable experience.  He and his team are awesome to work with. I’m learning a lot and honored to have him as my investor. 

I am here today because of my customers and amazing support system. So many people and companies have helped me and I am thankful for all they’ve done (click here to view a list of my strategic partners).  Of course, none of this would have happened without my Mom and Dad working hard and investing in my dream. Love you guys and thank you!


Carson and Family

When we were at “Shark Tank” we found out that over 40,000 people had applied to be on the show! Out of 40,000 people, about 150 companies make it through to the final filming. That made me realize how special this was.

I’m grateful to all the people that have helped me. My customers and supporters have bought Locker Boards, and shared about me on social media. That's why I'm here today. Thank you for making this happen for me.

Shred Hard. Dream Hard. Work Hard.


Carson Kropfl
Inventor and Chief Fun Officer