Locker Board To Appear on "Shark Tank" Season 9 Premiere

[UPDATE: September 12, 2017]

The day is finally here! We can officially announce our most exciting news since the establishment of Locker Board in October 2016.


Locker Board Shark Tank Season 9 Premiere

Although we cannot share any details about the outcome of the show (sorry no spoilers here) we’re going to announce everything we can right here, right now.

So, let's get started…

First, Locker Board will be airing on the "Shark Tank" Season 9 Premiere on Sunday October 1, 2017 8pm/7pmC on ABC... So Get Ready!!!

Note: "Shark Tank" episodes will now be airing Sunday nights, no longer Fridays.

How We Got On "Shark Tank"

The Kropfl family’s big break came unexpectedly in 2013, during a family vacation to the mountains.

One morning, Carson and his family were headed to the hotel lobby for breakfast when a young couple joined them in the elevator. Carson’s Dad noticed a "Shark Tank" logo on the man’s sweat-shirt. Chit chat ensued and the Kropfl’s soon discovered that their new friend was none other than Max Swedlow, an Executive Producer for "Shark Tank".

Instinctively, the entrepreneurial Kropfl’s launched into a (literal and) well-practiced elevator pitch about their Streetubez (skate tarp) product–a skateboard accessory that Carson and his mom had invented together.

Impressed, Mr. Swedlow offered his business card and asked the family to keep in touch. He advised Carson to stick with it and keep growing his business.

Months later, after learning of Carson’s remarkable success with Locker Board, the "Shark Tank" impresario invited the Kropfl family to apply for an appearance on "Shark Tank", Season 9. Of course, they accepted.

In June of 2017, Carson filmed the “Shark Tank” episode in with his Mom, Carrie Kropfl. He pitched the Sharks and asked them to invest into his company, Locker Board.

In addition to Carson’s Locker Board Skateboard, he also show-cased his skateboard accessory product, Streetubez, on “Shark Tank”.

Check Out Locker Board Products Here

Check Out Streetubez Product Here

Carson has designed limited edition artwork for his Locker Board Skateboards that will be available the night “Shark Tank” airs. There will be three new boards available with artwork that was inspired by his experience on the show. You will be able to purchase these boards through his website:

The new art has a special application process that helps show case portions of what the original deck looked like, reminding Locker Board riders how awesome they are for personally supporting sustainability.

To keep up with increasingly high demand, the company now uses the renowned board maker PS Stix Skateboard Manufacturing to handle production. Locker Board has also brought on Wing Lam, Co-Founder of Wahoo's Fish Taco, as an adviser to help them navigate the skate industry. Through all the growth and change, Locker Board still remains the only non-folding skateboard available that is compact enough to fit inside a backpack.  

Follow us on social media where we will be releasing more updates about Locker Board leading up to the show and you will get a behind the scenes look at a private party that Locker Board and Wahoo's Fish Taco will be hosting to celebrate the event!