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The Mini Cruiser Complete has been designed to fit inside of backpacks and lockers. They are the only non-folding cruiser on the market that can fit inside a backpack: the perfect board for commuting. The softer, bigger wheel eats up the road vibrations, and rolls right over pebbles. These were designed for long smooth rides! BUY NOW FOR ONLY $150. 



  • 16 Inch Locker Board Deck (Please note, the decks in the photos and videos are not the decks you will receive. Each one is unique, so no two boards are alike. These are what typical decks look like. Order your one-of-a-kind board today!)
  • New 5.0 Luxe, Silver Trucks
  • New Black Cadillac White Walls 59mm/78A Wheels
  • New ABEC 7 Steel Bearings
  • New Bearing Spacers
  • New Risers


  • Cadillac White Walls Wheels are big and soft so they can handle rough roads and roll right over pebbles.
  • The softer, bigger wheel eats up the road vibrations, but still provides speed;
  • The deck’s cubed shape provides more room for your feet, to make cruising easy; 
  • The slight tail makes it easy to turn;
  • The smooth ride makes it easy to ride for hours;
  • It can be transported anywhere in a backpack – the perfect travel board;
  • It’s the only non-folding skateboard on the market that fits inside a backpack!


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$1 for every board sold is donated to the Tony Hawk Foundation – because they are focused on empowering kids through skating!

The leftover pieces of deck that aren’t used are donated to a local woodshop class, so the whole board is recycled!

      Locker Boards were invented by 11-year-old, Carson Kropfl, from San Clemente, Ca. He wanted a skateboard that would fit in his backpack and locker. None of his boards would fit, so he decided to make one!

      Locker Board decks are handmade from recycled skateboard decks. Did you know that over 13 million skateboard decks are tossed aside each year in the U.S.?

      Carson designed the Locker Board so it would be a versatile skateboard that's good for the planet, fun to ride and easy to take anywhere!

      Each upcycled deck has been cut, sanded, drilled, cleaned and re-painted with a clear coat. Locker Boards are the only non-folding skateboard decks on the market that can fit inside a backpack – the perfect board to take to school and travel with.

      He started his company in October 2016, has made hundreds of boards and shipped them all over the country!

      Due to popular demand, Madrid Skateboard Factory in Huntington Beach, Ca has taken over production and assembly of Locker Board Decks, Skateboards and Mini Cruisers. Founded in 1976, Madrid Skateboards is one of the original skateboard manufacturers in the U.S. and manufactures boards for some of the top brands in the country.

      Locker Board donates $1 for every skateboard sold to the Tony Hawk Foundation - because they are focused on empowering kids through skating! 

      The left over pieces of skateboard decks that aren't used, are then donated to Johnson Middle School's Wood Shop Class in Westminister, CA and the students have made some amazing projects from these pieces!

       Locker Board is trademarked and is in patent-pending status!