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Locker Board Protects Successful Skateboard Design with U.S. Design Patent 

SAN CLEMENTE, CA (August 20, 2018)  Thirteen-year-old inventor and Chief Fun Officer of Locker Board™ Carson Kropfl has officially received a patent for his unique, rectangular-shaped skateboard deck that fits in a standard-sized locker or backpack. 

Kropfl designed the Locker Board in 2016, when he was just 11-years-old A skater and surfer from San Clemente, CA, Kropfl saw a need and filled it with his 17” skateboards. Locker Boards are the only non-folding, sustainably-sourced skateboards on the market that are designed specifically to fit in a school locker or backpack.  

His squared-off version of the traditional skateboard was an immediate hitthanks in no small part to relationships with the Virgin Group, Nike, Jessup Grip Tape, and Ocean Unite; an appearance on Shark Tank; and investors like Sir Richard Branson, who owns 20% of the company.  

The current Locker Board line-up includes the Travel Cruiser, a 17” skateboard designed for cruising, the Travel Trickster, a 17” skateboard designed for tricks, and the all-new Shred’it Skateboard, a 24” board designed for the skatepark that straps easily to the outside of a backpack and fits inside larger school lockers, like those in the mid-west and on the east coast. 

Sustainability and environmentalism are both critical components of the Locker Board mission. Each Locker Board deck is made of 100% recycled maple and Kropfl donates his time and a portion of Locker Board’s proceeds to Ocean’s Unite, an ocean conservation agency. He helped launch the #SaveSanO Movement to save one of his favorite surf breaks, speaking to the topic in a TEDx Talk and onboard the Greenpeace Ship Arctic Sunrise. 

The Locker Board patent, US Patent No D825700, is the second patent Kropfl has received. The young inventor received his first patent at the age of nine for a skateboard accessory called Streetubez, which provides skaters a tube-like surfing experience on dry landKropfl plans to begin production on Streetubez in 2019, in anticipation of the 2020 Olympics, where athletes will be competing in skateboarding and surfing events for the first time. Sir Richard Branson also owns a stake of StreetubezStreetubez and Locker Board are both Registered Trademarks in the U.S. 

About Locker Board: 

The only non-folding, sustainably-sourced skateboards on the market that can fit inside a backpack, Locker Boards are designed for school and traveling. These compact skateboards feature environmentally-conscious recycled decks handmade by esteemed skateboard manufacturer, PS Stix and brand-new, high-end custom wheels, trucks, and steel bearings. Each recycled deck ensures a totally unique board for every rider. A portion of proceeds is donated to Ocean Unite for ocean conservation. Made by a kid for kids. Locker Board’s 13-year-old CFO (Chief Fun Officer) designed Locker Boards to be fun to ride, easy to take anywhere, and good for the planet. As seen on “Shark Tank” with Sir Richard Branson a key investor, Locker Board products are available at and