How God Put the Right People in my Life at the Right Time (part 2 of 6)

Last week I shared how I met Max Swedlow, one of the Executive Producers of Shark Tank, in an elevator in "Part 1" of a 6 part series I'm writing on "How God Put the Right People in My Life at the Right Time". This week, I'm sharing about the man who gave me the skate deck I used to create my first prototype for Locker Board.

My parents love going to garage sales. One morning we were at a garage sale down by "T Street" in my town, San Clemente. There were two garage sales going on and my parents were taking forever. I found an old skate deck (without wheels) at one of the garage sales and started playing with it while I waited.

When my parents were FINALLY ready to leave I dropped the skate deck and ran over to our car. A man followed me and told my parents he wanted me to have the skate deck and gave it to me, free of charge. 

When we got in the car, I told my parents I had an idea for a skateboard. I had just started middle school and it was the first time I had a locker. Our lockers were tiny and none of my skateboards would fit inside. I told my parents I wanted to cut down the skate deck to make a skateboard that would fit inside of my locker. 

I had the idea for a while, but I didn't think my parents would let me cut down my skateboard they had bought me. When the dude at the garage sale gave me the skate deck for free, I figured my parents would be ok with me trying it out on the deck. If that guy didn't give me the deck, I don't think I would have told my parents about my idea. 

The dude at the garage sale changed the course of my life. Him gifting me the deck for free, gave me the courage to tell my parents about my idea. His generosity caused a chain reaction. God put him in my life to push me into developing my idea. 

My parents loved the idea. When we got home, my Dad set up his table saw and I made my first prototype for Locker Board. It took five tries to come up with the right size and shape. Here's the picture of my prototypes. The first deck is the one I got at the garage sale: